Process Aluminum & PVC Systems
From Past to Present

Our company, operating under the name of Process Aluminum and PVC Systems, was founded in 2002 in Konya.

Process specializes in the production of the following areas: insect screen systems, glass balcony systems, pleated blind systems, zip blinds, glass roofs, and ceiling closure systems. All the plastic accessories, aluminum profiles, polyester mesh, and pleated blind fabrics that make up these systems are manufactured in our own facilities. Our facility covers a total area of 50,000 m2, with 35,000 m2 being indoors and 15,000 m2 outdoors. In the plastic injection production department, we can produce an average of 300,000 pieces per day with 15 injection machines operating 24 hours a day. In our aluminum extrusion department, an average of 350 tons of aluminum profiles are produced monthly. The aluminum profiles produced undergo surface treatments (anodizing - electrostatic paint) in our own facilities before being packaged and shipped. Within Turkey, our products are processed in approximately 900 workshops and delivered to end consumers. Outside of Turkey, we have established dealerships in all Balkan countries, across the European continent including Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark, in North Africa including Tunisia and Algeria, in the Middle East including Iraq and Israel, as well as in countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Qatar, Jordan, and more. Currently, we export 35% of our total products.

In the curtain sector, our company has developed and introduced pleated blind systems, the trend product of recent years, to the sector through our own R&D center. Nowadays, we have established 150 dealerships across Turkey in the mechanical curtain workshops, and these dealerships continue to increase. We manufacture all the components that make up pleated blinds, including plastic accessories, aluminum bars, profiles, and folded pleated fabrics, in our own facilities and deliver them to our dealers. With 167 different patterns and colors of fabric, our company provides the service and speed that the sector needs with its strong stock infrastructure.

Why Process?

Process Plise Pleated Blinds Systems
We produce for you!

 Providing service with its expert staff in quality, Process aims at your satisfaction as the number one and gives full response to your requests.

 It serves you in a way that has a mission. Quality awareness, especially managers, all the way down to the lowest level.

We bring customer values ​​to the fore with our company that instills in its employees, pays attention to details, and offers a fast, clean and trouble-free delivery and assembly phase.

With its staff who love their job and care about their job, they are always friendly, know their job and they are in every branch of the chain of events that develop from production to delivery.

As a company that dominates, we guarantee high quality and satisfaction with the work we deliver to you. We are experts in every field from production to assembly.

In addition to the quality we guarantee in our work, we guarantee fast delivery and your glass balcony installation with zero errors. Latest technology in glass balcony sector in Konya

We add value to your architecture with our equipped glass balconies and save you money.

  • Quality manufacturing process based on innovation.
  • Production projection in accordance with certificates and standards.
  • Warranty certificate on all products we produce.
  • Quality standards and accreditations.
  • A structure that constantly analyzes customer expectations.


Our quality policy; in line with our innovative strategy

               emphasis on R&D studies with technological investments

               Innovative, in line with the total quality management motto,

               To be a brand that produces energetic, different and innovative products.

               We present our products in the light of universal and technological values.

               develops, not satisfied with the production for the needs of the sector,

               Innovations in the sector with tailor-made developments and designs

               We continue to earn.

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